Ann Arbor Area Civic Document Repository


Last 10 Uploads

Title Uploaded On Source Organization
FOIA #1966 - April 2019 Lesko/Councilmember Communications 2019-05-23 City of Ann Arbor
FOIA Request of FDD Legal Bills 2019-02-08 Ann Arbor City Council
Ann Arbor Airport CIP 2020-2025 data sheets (draft) 2019-01-17 City of Ann Arbor
Application to serve on Ann Arbor's new police oversight commission 2018-12-14 City of Ann Arbor
ACLU motion to dismiss case against Anuja Rajendra 2018-12-05 ACLU of Michigan
Makeup of the Washtenaw County board 1968-2018 2018-12-03 Washtenaw County Clerk
April 2018 evaluation of dioxane found in Allen Creek storm drain in West Park 2018-11-27 Global Environment Alliance
Letter to Ann Arbor re City Seal Ordinance 2018-11-08 ACLU of Michigan
Presentation from Core Spaces public input session on Library Lot plaza design 2018-09-18 Core Spaces
Draft Ordinance Revisions Committee memo on Food Trucks Ordinance 2018-09-08 Ordinance Revisions Committee

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