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Packard Square bankruptcy opinions and order Packard Square LLC filed for b... 2017-10-13 federal bankruptcy court Jack Eaton
Ann Arbor recycling plant lawsuit partial dismissal order U.S. District Court Judge Step... 2017-10-03 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
FOIA: re "Suicide Prevention in the Parking Structures" This response to a FOIA reques... 2017-09-23 Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor DDA report on suicide prevention Memorandum from Susan Pollay, ... 2017-09-17 Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority Edward Vielmetti
Packard Square Receiver's report This is an August 25, 2017 rep... 2017-09-10 Washtenaw County Circuit Court Jack Eaton
Council Communication: MRF Fire As reported earlier this week,... 2017-08-10 Ann Arbor City Council Edward Vielmetti
County Public Safety/Community Mental Health Millage Memo from City Administrator t... 2017-08-08 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
Dzombak/Baird emails on Ann Arbor ALPR use A July 2017 email conversation... 2017-08-01 Ann Arbor Police Department Chris Dzombak
1140 Broadway Zoning and Planned Project Site Plan 1140 Broadway Zoning and Plann... 2017-08-01 Ann Arbor City Planning Commission Edward Vielmetti
March 2017 invoice from Dykema, Ann Arbor's bond counsel Former Ann Arbor City Council ... 2017-07-26 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
BLDG-17-1271 Redeemer of Ann Arbor building permit for DKE Shant This building permit details p... 2017-06-28 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti
Washtenaw County immigration resolutions approved on May 17, 2017 Washtenaw County commissioners... 2017-05-19 Washtenaw County Ryan Stanton
Report warning about potential failure of unstable slope that supports Nichols Drive The University of Michigan and... 2017-03-29 City of Ann Arbor anonymous
Ann Arbor Housing Commission report on potential local impacts of HUD cuts under Trump City Council members with a re... 2017-03-21 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
White Buffalo's report recapping the 2017 deer cull and sterilization effort A 22-page report dated March 1... 2017-03-13 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
Follow-Up Items Regarding Ann Arbor MRF Status Update and Staff Recommendations for Next Steps From: Howard S. Lazarus, City ... 2017-03-06 Ann Arbor Environmental Commission Edward Vielmetti
2013 Washtenaw County homeless point-in-time count report 2013 Washtenaw County homeless... 2017-03-02 Washtenaw County OCED Ryan Stanton
9-21-16 Core Spaces Parking Request Core Spaces' request to the An... 2017-02-26 Ann Arbor DDA Jack Eaton
Contract for broker to sell library lot On April 7, 2014, City Council... 2017-02-26 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
2014 Upper Malletts Stormwater Conveyance Study The report includes options fo... 2017-02-09 Washtenaw County Ryan Stanton

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