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Y Lot lawsuit against Ann Arbor Dennis Dahlmann's February 201... 2018-02-02 Washtenaw County Circuit Court Ryan Stanton
"Protecting and Serving: Public Safety" "Protecting and Serving: Publi... 2018-01-22 Ann Arbor City Council Edward Vielmetti
1209 Hutchins nuisance letter The Ann Arbor City Attorney's ... 2018-01-20 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
Deposit Required for Freedom of Information Act Request No. 18-010 A group of Ward 4 residents ap... 2018-01-16 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
2017 Ann Arbor streetlight condition assessment report An assessment of Ann Arbor's s... 2017-12-21 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
City of Ann Arbor's response to 'forced labor' FDD lawsuit The city's December 2017 respo... 2017-12-18 U.S. District Court Ryan Stanton
2015 Sanitary Sewer Wet Weather Evaluation Report Report includes findings about... 2017-12-18 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
Analysis of the C1A/R, C2A/R, and C2B/R Zoning Districts This is a November 13, 1987 Ci... 2017-11-21 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
Ann Arbor recycling plant lawsuit partial dismissal order U.S. District Court Judge Step... 2017-10-03 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
County Public Safety/Community Mental Health Millage Memo from City Administrator t... 2017-08-08 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
March 2017 invoice from Dykema, Ann Arbor's bond counsel Former Ann Arbor City Council ... 2017-07-26 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
BLDG-17-1271 Redeemer of Ann Arbor building permit for DKE Shant This building permit details p... 2017-06-28 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti
Report warning about potential failure of unstable slope that supports Nichols Drive The University of Michigan and... 2017-03-29 City of Ann Arbor anonymous
Ann Arbor Housing Commission report on potential local impacts of HUD cuts under Trump City Council members with a re... 2017-03-21 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
White Buffalo's report recapping the 2017 deer cull and sterilization effort A 22-page report dated March 1... 2017-03-13 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton
Contract for broker to sell library lot On April 7, 2014, City Council... 2017-02-26 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
City of Ann Arbor Liquor Licenses, 2017 This document was provided by ... 2017-01-29 Ann Arbor City Council Liquor License Review Committee Edward Vielmetti
Composite Draft Capital Improvement Plans, FY2018-2023, City of Ann Arbor December 21, 2016 Memorandum f... 2017-01-17 Ann Arbor City Planning Commission Edward Vielmetti
Transportation Commission non-reserved seat applications The City's response to the fol... 2017-01-11 City of Ann Arbor Chris Dzombak
October 2016 city income tax feasibility memo from Ann Arbor CFO October 2016 city income tax f... 2017-01-06 City of Ann Arbor Ryan Stanton

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