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Title Motion to Correct the Record, People v. Freeman, CR-W-03-938-FH

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This is a Motion to Correct the Record from Attorney David I. Goldstein, filed with the Washtenaw Trial Court and Judge Donald Shelton, seeking to correct the record in the case of People v. Freeman. Freeman was charged with statutory criminal sexual conduct in the 3d degree for having sex with his girlfriend who was under the age of 16 at the time. He reached a plea agreement to reduce the charge to 4th degree CSC, and it was entered into the record as 4th degree CSC with force or coercion. The motion seeks to amend this to read 4th degree statutory CSC.

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Source Organization Washtenaw County Trial Court
Request Tracking Number  
Date Requested 2010-02-12
Date Received 2010-02-12
Date Uploaded 2010-02-13
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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