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Title 2012 and 2013 Footing Drain Disconnect (FDD) survey details, draft

Two documents here:

A 2012 "City of Ann Arbor Footing Drain Disconnect Program: Five year post-installation survey results", with 7 pages of detailed citizen comments on the program.

A draft 2013 Sanitary Sewage Wet Weather Evaluation Project Footing Drain Disconnection (FDD) Survey Results, with 34 pages of citizen commentary.

Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
Request Tracking Number  
Date Requested 2014-01-22
Date Received 2014-01-22
Date Uploaded 2014-01-23
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

Download FDD_5-yr_survey_results_final.pdf

Download OHM_--Fleetham_FDD_Survey_2013.pdf