Ann Arbor Area Civic Document Repository


Organization Name Document Count
A2B3 2
A2P2 1
AAConnector 1
AAFD and DPS 1
ACLU of Michigan 2
Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce 1
Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority 4
Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority 12
Ann Arbor Brownfield Review Committee 2
Ann Arbor Building Board of Appeals 1
Ann Arbor Cable Communications Commission 2
Ann Arbor Chronicle 1
Ann Arbor City Council 81
Ann Arbor City Council Liquor License Review Committee 2
Ann Arbor City Planning Commission 9
Ann Arbor DDA 11
Ann Arbor District Library 2
Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority 17
Ann Arbor Election Commission 1
Ann Arbor Environmental Commission 1
Ann Arbor Fire Department 2
Ann Arbor General Aviation Association 1
Ann Arbor Historic District Commission 5
Ann Arbor Housing Commission 2
Ann Arbor LDFA 1
Ann Arbor Municipal Airport 4
Ann Arbor Neighborhood Alliance 1
Ann Arbor Police Department 2
Ann Arbor Police Dept 1
Ann Arbor Project Management Services Unit 1
Ann Arbor Public Art Commission 2
Ann Arbor Public Schools 2
Ann Arbor SPARK 2
Ann Arbor Transportation Authority 13
Ann Arbor Zoning Board of Appeals 1
Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Smart Zone Local Development Finance Authority 8
Ave Maria School of Law Alumni Association 1
CM Anne Bannister 1
Chelsea Area Fire Authority 1
City Council 1
City of Ann Arbor 227
City of Lansing 1
City of Saugatuck 1
City of Ypsilanti 1
Clean Energy Coalition 1
Community Television Network 1
Congressman Dingell's Office 1
Core Spaces 1
DDA and City of Ann Arbor 1
DNR and HRWC 1
DTE Energy 1
District Court, E.D. Michigan 1
Downtown Development Authority 4
Federal Aviation Administration 2
Federal Bureau of Investigation 1
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 3
First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor 1
Flint Water Advisory Task Force 1
Gerald Alcock Company 1
Global Environment Alliance 1
House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure 1
House Fiscal Agency 1
House Oversight Committee 1
Housing and Human Services Advisory Board 1
Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority 1
Library of Michigan 1
MDOT Bureau of Aeronautics and Freight Services 1
Main Street BIZ 1
Michigan Center for Geographic Information 1
Michigan Court of Appeals 2
Michigan Department of Agriculture 1
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development 1
Michigan Department of Community Health 1
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality 2
Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment 4
Michigan Department of Transportation 1
Michigan Employment Relations Commission 1
Michigan Liquor Control Commission 1
Michigan State University Extension 1
Michigan Supreme Court 2
Mine Safety and Health Administration 1
National Transit Database 1
National Transportation Safety Board 1
None 1
Ordinance Revisions Committee 1
Park Advisory Commission, City of Ann Arbor 1
Pittsfield Township 2
R4C/R2A Zoning District Advisory Committee 1
Regents of the University of Michigan 2
Ruth 1
State of Michigan 4
THRIVE Collaborative 1
The City Of Ann Arbor - Government 2
The Michigan Legislature 1
Tom Crawford 1
Tom Wieder, attorney for Dahlmann 1
Transcribed verbatim from Ann Arbor City Council meeting 1
U.S. District Court 2
US Bankruptcy Court 3
US District Court of Eastern Michigan, Southern Division 1
United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division 1
United States Postal Service 1
University of Michigan 5
University of Michigan Botanical Garden and Herbarium 1
University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory 1
Various 1
Washtenaw ACLU Lawyers Committee 1
Washtenaw Area Transportation Study 2
Washtenaw Circuit Court 2
Washtenaw County 8
Washtenaw County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority 2
Washtenaw County Circuit Court 9
Washtenaw County Clerk 1
Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department 3
Washtenaw County Equalization and Property Description Department 1
Washtenaw County OCED 1
Washtenaw County Public Health 9
Washtenaw County Road Commission 4
Washtenaw County Trial Court 2
city of Ann Arbor 1
federal bankruptcy court 1