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Title Uploaded On Source Organization
Feasibility study for a mixed-use downtown Ann Arbor library 2020-03-09 Ann Arbor District Library
Ann Arbor Center of the City Task Force final report 2020-02-28 City of Ann Arbor
FOIA 2600 - Norris Report - Miller Canfield report on Chief Cox 2020-02-27 City of Ann Arbor
City Administrator Employment Contract 2020-02-23 The City Of Ann Arbor - Government
FOIA 2364 and 2365 2020-02-21 City of Ann Arbor
20-0308 Resolution to Conclude the Employment Agreement with City Administrator Howard S. Lazarus 2020-02-19 City of Ann Arbor
FOIA 2483 - Parking ticket overpayment policy 2020-02-06 City of Ann Arbor
A2 Neighborhood Alliance Website 2019-11-12 Ann Arbor Neighborhood Alliance
FOIA 2063 - Petainen - final injunction 2019-10-30 City Council
FOIA 1980 - Vazquez - final injunction 2019-10-27 City of Ann Arbor

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