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Title Uploaded On Source Organization
Ann Arbor Police policy on Trans, Intersex, and Gender-nonconforming (TIGN) individuals 2021-10-04 Ann Arbor Police Dept
Ann Arbor Response FOIA 6677 2021-09-21 The City Of Ann Arbor - Government
City of Ann Arbor 2020 salaries 2021-07-11 City of Ann Arbor
HDC 21-222 Armen Cleaners demolition 2021-07-03 Ann Arbor Historic District Commission
FOIA 3281 (Adams) 2021-05-28 City of Ann Arbor
Letter from ACLU to City Council about Council Rules 2021-03-09 Washtenaw ACLU Lawyers Committee
FOIA 3105 2021-02-09 City of Ann Arbor
FOIA 3094 2021-02-02 City of Ann Arbor
FOIA 2760 / 3026 - Police discipline records 2020-12-11 City of Ann Arbor
Councilmember Hayner's closing remarks on 8-10-20 2020-08-11 Transcribed verbatim from Ann Arbor City Council meeting

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