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Ann Arbor Connector final report This is the 2016 final report ... 2023-03-31 AAConnector Erich Zechar
Ann Arbor City Council Annual Budget Planning Session preso, FY 2024 This presentation on the FY 20... 2023-01-30 Ann Arbor City Council Edward Vielmetti
RFP # 22-73 Comprehensive Land Use Plan - City of Ann Arbor Planning Services The City of Ann Arbor is seeki... 2023-01-30 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti
AAFD Fire report for RV selling Christmas trees fire 2022-12-24 / FOIA 1740 Report from Ann Arbor Fire Dep... 2023-01-05 Ann Arbor Fire Department Edward Vielmetti
Laidlaw vs A2 - order for summary disposition This is the order granting the... 2022-11-21 Washtenaw County Circuit Court Alex Lowe
A2 Community Fiber Cost-Benefit Analysis (2022) Resolution to Authorize Access... 2022-11-20 Ann Arbor City Council Edward Vielmetti
FOIA 1526 - Taylor/Loepp correspondence re BCBSM and The Big Lie Correspondence from Ann Arbor ... 2022-10-15 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti
2014 FDIC/Ranzini Stipulation and Consent to Issuance of Order To Pay FDIC Response to April 2022 FO... 2022-06-20 FDIC Daniel Adams
FOIA 1258 - Municipal non-disclosure agreements The City of Ann Arbor's GIS de... 2022-06-13 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti
Cease and desist letter from ex-Ann Arbor City Administrator Tom Crawford's attorney 10-page cease-and-desist lette... 2022-04-12 Tom Crawford Ryan Stanton
FOIA 6867 Vazquez 6867 Please provide c... 2021-12-14 City of Ann Arbor Vazquez
FOIA 6790 - Sunset/Newport Sidewalk Gap Documents City's response to my FOIA req... 2021-12-13 City of Ann Arbor Daniel Adams
Ann Arbor Police policy on Trans, Intersex, and Gender-nonconforming (TIGN) individuals This is the Ann Arbor Police's... 2021-10-04 Ann Arbor Police Dept Michelle Hughes
Ann Arbor Response FOIA 6677 City's response to FOIA 6677 2021-09-21 The City Of Ann Arbor - Government Daniel Adams
City of Ann Arbor 2020 salaries A complete salary listing for ... 2021-07-11 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti
HDC 21-222 Armen Cleaners demolition A proposal to go before the Hi... 2021-07-03 Ann Arbor Historic District Commission Edward Vielmetti
FOIA 3281 (Adams) City of Ann Arbor's document p... 2021-05-28 City of Ann Arbor Daniel Adams
Letter from ACLU to City Council about Council Rules This is a letter written by th... 2021-03-09 Washtenaw ACLU Lawyers Committee Michelle Hughes
FOIA 3105 Emails between CM Julie Grand,... 2021-02-09 City of Ann Arbor Anonymous
FOIA 3094 Email correspondance between J... 2021-02-02 City of Ann Arbor Anonymous

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