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Title E-Park customer satisfaction survey, summer 2009

A study of customer satisfaction for the E-Park meters installed on the streets of downtown Ann Arbor.

"Study was conducted several weeks after the epark stations were installed this summer. Republic Parking had hired people to be on hand during those weeks to assist people if needed with the new technology. Weeks later they used these same epark attendants to ask people to fill out a short written survey which was summarized in the report you saw. We didn't ask for any information about the people responding, thus we have no demographic info to provide you. Best wishes. Susan."

This survey was cited by Leah Gunn in an story

""These are the little solar kiosks that go along with the little things that stick up with numbers on them," said DDA board member Leah Gunn, offering a report on behalf of the DDA Operations Committee. "We have found that everybody likes them."

Source Organization Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority
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Date Requested 2010-01-11
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Date Uploaded 2010-01-12
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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