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Title AATA FY2010 Proposed Goals and Objectives

Major goals listed in this draft report from June 11, 2009, include: 1. Renovate the Blake Transit Center - short term 2. Develop long term plan for Downtown Transit Center 3. Expand bus storage facility 4. Develop expanded Park and Ride capabilities 5. Improve safety, accessibility and comfort at selected bus stops 6. Relocate the current Arborland bus stop and transfer location 7. Improve customer service and efficiency regarding sales of fare 8. Work cooperatively to develop Central Campus Transit Center 9. Issue an RFP for a new Aride contract 10. Operate within the approved budget 11. Improve business continuity plan 12. Improve reliability of radio communications 13. Website redevelopment 14. Increase participation in voluntary wellness activities

Source Organization Ann Arbor Transportation Authority
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Date Received 2009-08-19
Date Uploaded 2010-01-25
Submitter Name Ryan J. Stanton

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