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Title Ann Arbor Administrator Employment Contracts

This file includes the employment contracts between the City of Ann Arbor and City Attorney Stephen Postema and between the City and City Administrator Rodger Fraser. Each contract has been extended periodically and the file includes the memos describing the extensions and modifications to the original agreements.

The employment contracts are of interest currently because the Council's labor and budget committee is about to review them and likely extend them. Simultaneously, the City will be negotiating its collective bargaining agreements with the 8 unions that represent its employees. Those union negotiations will probably include proposals for wage or benefit concessions. It will be interesting to see whether highly paid administrators are asked to grant concessions, too.

Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
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Date Requested 2009-06-11
Date Received 2009-06-19
Date Uploaded 2009-08-19
Submitter Name Jack Eaton

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