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Title Feb. 8, 2010, Ann Arbor City Council budget working session documents

(came with this note from Tom Crawford, CFO) Council,

At January 25, 2010 Working Session, Council received materials for the Community Services Area related to the “big ideas” initially identified at Council’s December 2009 offsite.

At the February 8, 2010 Working Session, Ms. Miller will be present to respond to any additional questions in Community Services. In addition, the attached information is being provided to Council for future discussion.

“Big Ideas” from Council off-site Summary of “Big Ideas” Memo – Community Services Area Follow-up Information from January 25th Council Working Session IT outsourcing opportunities Economic Development Fund – remaining fund balance after Google incentive is completed (12/10) – estimated $700k.

Budget Impact Sheets: General Fund – Summary of impacts General Fund – Detailed impact sheets Other Funds - Detailed impact sheets

3% wage & compensation concessions would equal: General Fund - $ 1,275,000 Other Funds - $ 970,000 Total City - $ 2,245,000

Ad hoc information requested by Council Cost savings from FTE reductions UM payments to the City – FY 2009


Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
Request Tracking Number  
Date Requested 2010-02-05
Date Received 2010-02-05
Date Uploaded 2010-02-07
Submitter Name Ryan J. Stanton

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