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Title Library of Michigan plan, 2010

When the Library of Michigan was transferred to the Michigan Department of Education through Executive Orders 2009-36 and 2009-43 and Executive Directive 2009-5, those Orders charged the Superintendent of Public Instruction to evaluate Library of Michigan programs and services in order to implement measures to reduce expenditures and eliminate duplicative services, while protecting the core mission of the library and otherwise preserving and maintaining open and free access to its collections.

The response to the Executive Orders and related directive is in alignment with (but not solely dependent upon) the significant reduction in operations funding for the Library of Michigan during the current fiscal year 2009-10 and the additional anticipated reduction in operations funding for the next fiscal year 2010-11.

After months of development, the Library of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Education have met the Governor’s expectations for downsizing and for continuation of services by developing the following plan, to be implemented from today forward through completion by not later than October 1, 2011:

Source Organization Library of Michigan
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Date Requested 2010-02-14
Date Received 2010-02-14
Date Uploaded 2010-02-14
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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