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Title Community Services Area – Parks System response, January 25, 2010

This letter from Jayne Miller, Community Services Area Administrator, is addressed to the Ann Arbor City Council and Mayor. It addresses questions brought up at the 2009 Council retreat.

Information provided includes:

Balances and encumbered funds in the city's Open Space and Parkland Preservation Program;

Public/private partnership proposals for Huron Hills Golf Course (HHGC), to convert the front 7 holes to a driving range;

Costs associated with reverting HHGC to natural area parkland rather than a golf course, including estimates of the cost of establishing a prairie and of mowing parkland;

Budgeted loss estimates for HHGC and Leslie Park Golf Course;

State concerns about the Golf Course Enterprise Fund deficits expressed in the FY 07 audit;

A list of parks proposed for reduced maintenance;

Changes in parks administration millages;

A list of parks considered for sale;

Adopt-a-park programming and costs;

parks collaboration with Washtenaw County;

Deferred parks capital projects;

AAPS pool closing possibilities;

Costs of snow removal for parks;

Recommendations for closing recreation facilities;

Recreation Facility City Cost/Visitor Operating Budgets with Millage Funds and Municipal Service Charge, table of figures

Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
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Date Requested 2010-03-05
Date Received 2010-03-05
Date Uploaded 2010-03-05
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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