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Title Notice of Public Hearing, Ann Arbor Municipal Airport Environmental Assessment

In February 2009, the City approved contracts with two consulting firms to begin the environmental assessment (EA) process to determine the potential impacts of lengthening the primary runway at the Ann Arbor Airport from 3,500’ to 4,300’. The EA addresses potential impacts to noise levels, air quality, water quality, wetlands, floodplains, plant and wildlife, light emissions, historical and cultural resources, traffic, social and socioeconomic factors. The EA process is nearly complete and a draft EA document is available for public review and comment until April 12, 2010. The process for submitting comments for the public record is available in the Notice of Public Hearing. No runway changes have been approved nor can they be considered until the EA process determines potential impacts.

Source Organization MDOT Bureau of Aeronautics and Freight Services
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Date Requested 2010-03-09
Date Received 2010-03-09
Date Uploaded 2010-03-09
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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