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Title 2010 Ann Arbor Housing Commission Report

Operational Needs Assessment Report and Strategic Plan Report for the Ann Arbor Housing Commission. Published February 2010.

Schumaker & Company’s recommendations for a new strategic direction for the Ann Arbor Housing Commission are based on four key findings. What emerges from these findings is a picture of an agency that is chronically underfunded, focused on crisis management, offering poorly maintained and outdated housing, and insufficient supportive services for a population with significant life challenges.

1) The Ann Arbor Housing Commission operates in a state of constant financial instability.

2) The AAHC has been organized to address problems and resulting chaos, not to prepare for the future.

3) The AAHC has failed to secure other funding sources (non-HUD).

4) Much of the current public housing stock can be better maintained but is outdated and inherently sub-standard.

In April 2009 a request for proposal (RFP) was issued by the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan (City) on behalf of the Ann Arbor Housing Commission (AAHC) to perform an operational needs assessment (ONA). Schumaker & Company, Inc. (Schumaker & Company) was awarded the project, which commenced in June 2009 and was completed in February 2010. The study was designed to provide the following services:

Source Organization Ann Arbor Housing Commission
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Date Uploaded 2010-05-12
Submitter Name Matt Hampel

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