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Title Second FOIA and emails regarding cost and format

Kathy Griswold submitted a second FOIA on August 23, 2010 for communications on October 30, 2009, and on November 12, 2009, because these are two pivotal dates in the King School Crosswalk planning period and known emails are missing from the original package of documents from the first FOIA. In addition, three emails between the Mayor and Rapundalo with the subject, “King Elementary School – Ped Crosswalk Status” have the complete message redacted.

The emails received to-date indicate that Roger Frazer became involved in the project in late October, when the project delays began. On November 12, the Mayor and Stephen Rapundalo appear to by strategizing about the project. Hopefully, the missing emails will provide a conclusive picture of the events that led to the 2-year delay of this project and the change in direction after the project was designed, engineered and funded – including neighbors committing to pay for the connecting sidewalk/path and planning a fundraising project.

In late October, one homeowner asked that the City or school staff shovel the planned sidewalk. His written request was submitted as an attachment and was missing from the first FOIA request. Again, a copy of his request, which appears to have delayed the project, will provide insight into this extremely convoluted process.

More information and extensive media coverage may be found on and by searching on “King School crosswalk.”

Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
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Date Uploaded 2010-08-24
Submitter Name Kathy Griswold

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