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Title HB 4001 (H-4), 2013

This document is a recommended set of changes to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act proposed for adoption by the Michigan Legislature as HB 4001 (H-4), as of November 12, 2013. It was reported on by the Ann Arbor Chronicle on that date, as follows:

"The “modernized” version of Michigan’s FOIA that moved out of committee last week includes this clause: “The requestor may stipulate that the requested records be provided on digital media, electronically mailed, or otherwise electronically provided to him or her in lieu of paper copies.”"

This is not state law, and has not been enacted yet.

Source Organization House Oversight Committee
Request Tracking Number  
Date Requested 2013-11-12
Date Received 2013-11-12
Date Uploaded 2013-11-16
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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