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Title Washtenaw County Restaurant Inspections February 2014

• Priority violations are the most serious. Correcting these eliminates or reduces a problem directly associated with foodborne illness. Examples include improper food temperatures and lack of hand washing. Priority violations were previously called Critical violations.

• Priority Foundation violations are problems that can lead to a Priority violation. Correcting these problems may keep Priority violations from occurring. Examples include not having an appropriate food thermometer, not having sanitizer test strips and not having soap or paper towel at a hand sink. The Priority Foundation category is made up of violations that were previously called Critical or Non-Critical Violations.

• Core violations are related to general sanitation and facility maintenance. Examples include dirty floors and improper facility lighting. Core violations were previously called Non-Critical violations.

Priority and Priority Foundation violations must be corrected immediately at the time of inspection or within 10 days. Core violations must be corrected within 90 days of the inspection.

Source Organization Washtenaw County Public Health
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Date Requested 2014-03-24
Date Received 2014-03-24
Date Uploaded 2014-03-25
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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