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Title July 28, 2009 Proposed Revisions to Rules of Council

This document contains the July 28, 2009 proposed revisions to the Rules of the Council. The document is in Microsoft Word format, with revision notes visible if you enable the "Track Changes" option in the Tools menu.

On the second page there is a note that "This revision date is December 17, 2007", but that is simply carried over from the current version.

The proposed revisions include changes to the following rules: Rule 3B - Review of the Draft Agenda Rule 3F - Publication of the Agenda Rule 8 - Conduct of Discussion and Debate (regarding emails) Rule 10 - Resolutions and Motions To Be Made In Writing Rule 17 - Publication (of minutes)

Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
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Date Received 2009-08-23
Date Uploaded 2009-08-27
Submitter Name Jack Eaton

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