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Title FERC letter to Ann Arbor re Barton Hydro Project Run of the River Operation

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license governing operation of Barton Dam contains requirements mandated by US Fish and Wildlife Service and Michigan DNR. This letter details numerous instances of un natural flow fluctuations caused by the project, and notes lack of required flow gaging stations up and downstream. Other documents related to Barton and Superior Hydro Projects may be found by searching the FERC eLibrary for dockets p-3142 and p-3152 respectively.

20090706-0106 P-3142 6/30/2009 Letter requesting City of Ann Arbor, MI to file a Run-of-River plan w/in 120 days Deviations re Barton Dam Project under P-3142.

Source Organization Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
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Date Uploaded 2009-08-27
Submitter Name Russ Miller

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