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Title FOIA: re "Suicide Prevention in the Parking Structures"

This response to a FOIA request to the Ann Arbor DDA provides details of the process by which the DDA was briefed on suicide prevention in the downtown parking structures and includes a copy of the one bid for fencing work.

The response documents include a slide deck for a presentation by Carl Walker Inc. (CWI) dated November 10, 2016, a contract for professional services from CWI, and a bid from Future Fabricating dated June 19, 2017.

Source Organization Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority
Request Tracking Number Vielmetti 091817
Date Requested 2017-09-17
Date Received 2017-09-21
Date Uploaded 2017-09-23
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

Download FOIA - Vielmetti 091817 Suicide Prevention RESPONSE.pdf