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Title FOIA 1452 - List of residential building projects

City of Ann Arbor FOIA request 1452, submitted by Jeffrey Hayner

"…a list of all residential or mixed-use building projects that included residential uses approved by city council from Jan 1 2017 to June 8 2018, and the total number of units and bedrooms for each project, for any/all projects meeting this definition: 1) a site plan including multiple buildings (example North Sky) 2) a site plan for a building with multiple units, apartments or condos (example The Collegian North) 3) a remodel that added residential units including ADUs 4) new construction of any apartments or condos including Ann Arbor Housing Commission projects It's possible that a list of all projects, both commercial and residential, passing through Planning Department may already exist, if so, there is no need to separate out the residential projects I will accept a complete list."

Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
Request Tracking Number 1452
Date Requested 2018-06-11
Date Received 2018-06-14
Date Uploaded 2018-08-03
Submitter Name anonymous