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Title Draft Ordinance Revisions Committee memo on Food Trucks Ordinance

The City receives numerous inquiries for food trucks on private property with no specific provision to enable such use the Planning Manager has directed this proposed ordinance for consideration. The Planning Commission discussed conceptual ideas forsuch amendments at their working session on May 8, 2016 and referred the matter to the Ordinance Revisions Committee for further discussion and refinement.


This is an undated, unsealed draft of a proposed text for an ordinance to revise food truck regulations. It includes changes to the zoning code including maximum density of food trucks and required setbacks to residential areas that would make several current uses of commercial properties for food truck use illegitimate.

Source Organization Ordinance Revisions Committee
Request Tracking Number  
Date Requested 2018-09-06
Date Received 2018-09-07
Date Uploaded 2018-09-08
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

Download Draft ORC Memo - Mobile Food Vending.pdf