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Title April 2018 evaluation of dioxane found in Allen Creek storm drain in West Park

11-page report by Dan Bicknell of Global Environmental Alliance shared with local officials in April 2018 concerning the Gelman dioxane plume on Ann Arbor's west side.

Summary: "The GEA Evaluation demonstrates that the 4.4 ug/L dioxane detected in the Allen Drain was from a local shallow groundwater source about West Park and that the concentration of dioxane in this local shallow groundwater source is higher than 4.4 ug/L. The past Gelman Sciences, Inc. (Gelman) and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) work about the Old West Side: has not determined the extent or magnitude of the shallow dioxane plume; and has not obtained samples from the lower most topographic areas which present the most risk to workers and residents. There needs to be a full extent and magnitude of dioxane contamination investigation done in the shallow groundwater about the Old West Side with permanent monitoring wells to track the plume migration. The receptors include construction and utility workers and residents in buildings."

Source Organization Global Environment Alliance
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Date Uploaded 2018-11-27
Submitter Name Ryan Stanton

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