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Title HDC 21-222 Armen Cleaners demolition

A proposal to go before the Historic District Commission to demolish Armen Cleaners at 630 S Ashley St, in order to remove heavily contaminated soil from the site.

The document includes photos of the site as well as an EGLE project update, which reads as follows in part:

In 2021, EGLE has been planning for the demolition and excavation of contaminated soil at the Armen Cleaners property to take place in the fall of 2021. Building surveys and abatement in preparation for the demolition have begun. Workplan specifications have been finalized and EGLE is working to secure a contractor to complete the work. The work is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year, with site redevelopment activities likely to commence in 2022.

Source Organization Ann Arbor Historic District Commission
Request Tracking Number HDC21-222
Date Requested 2021-07-02
Date Received 2021-07-02
Date Uploaded 2021-07-03
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

Download HDC21-222 - 630 S Ashley App & Attachments - Armen Cleaners.pdf