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Title A2 Community Fiber Cost-Benefit Analysis (2022)

Resolution to Authorize Access by Commercial Users to the City of Ann Arbor's Fiber Optic Network (file 22-1750, 2022-11-21 council meeting, PH-2/DS-1)

The City of Ann Arbor ("City") constructed its first fiber optic network, A2 I-NET, in 2017. It is currently in the process of constructing a second network, Technology Park, and beginning to design a third network, the A2-Ypsilanti Broadband Network. All three networks will eventually be connected ("the Network"). The City now intends to allow for commercial customers to access, activate and use the City's non-active fiber on the Network, known as "dark fiber." Commercial enterprises connecting to the City's dark fiber may activate the fiber and use the Network for their own business purposes, or they may in turn provide telecommunications services to the community at large (e.g., internet service providers, or ISPs).

The City developed a projected 3-year cost-benefit analysis thirty (30) days in advance of a public hearing to meet the requirements of the Metropolitan Extension Rights-of-Way Oversight Act (the "METRO Act"), MCL 484.3101 et seq, to authorize use of the City's dark fiber on the Network by commercial customers.

Source Organization Ann Arbor City Council
Request Tracking Number 22-1750
Date Requested 2022-11-19
Date Received 2022-11-19
Date Uploaded 2022-11-20
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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