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Title AAFD Fire report for RV selling Christmas trees fire 2022-12-24 / FOIA 1740

Report from Ann Arbor Fire Department.

Documents include the full report, 3 photos, and this summary:

"E-6 was dispatched for a small outside fire behind the urgent care at 1000 E Stadium. Pd arrived prior to us and stated it was a RV that was fully involved. We advised dispatch to also send E-4 and the BC to this call. Upon our arrival, there was a RV that was fully involved with no exposures. It had been used by a non-profit to sell Christmas trees for the holiday. We used a pre-connect to extinguish the fire and connected to a hydrant with large diameter hose. E-4 assisted us with extinguishment and overhaul. The RV was a total loss. There was significant overhaul to extinguish all the hot spots. PD was on scene and stated someone had been in the RV burning candles and caught the vehicle on fire. This person had already been transported to the hospital prior to our arrival. BC Hedding went to the hospital and took his statement. PD was investigating the fire and had camera footage from the building on the other end of the parking lot. Once the fire was out and overhaul complete, we replaced our tools and left the scene with PD."

Source Organization Ann Arbor Fire Department
Request Tracking Number 1740
Date Requested 2022-12-27
Date Received 2022-12-27
Date Uploaded 2023-01-05
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti


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