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Title MDOT Railroad Fence grant application and supporting materials

MDOT proposes to build a fence along the MDOT-owned railroad tracks ("Michigan Line") through Ann Arbor and many other communities across the state.

FOIA 1119 included requests for: 1) A full copy of MDOT's grant application, including all appendices and exhibits. 2) A full copy of any cost-benefit analyses prepared by MDOT relating to the Project. 3) A full copy of any environmental impact assessments or analyses prepared by MDOT relating to the Project.

MDOT responded:

Granted: Included are the non-exempt documents within MDOT’s possession that are responsive to your request.       Denied: MDOT’s environmental statements are not yet complete regarding the project. Therefore, this portion of the request is denied.

Source Organization MDOT
Request Tracking Number 1119
Date Requested 2023-10-04
Date Received 2023-10-12
Date Uploaded 2023-10-15
Submitter Name Adam Goodman

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