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Title Michigan Local Bridge Program Report, 2006

This report from December 2006 shows funding under the Local Bridge Program for projects in Michigan. Of particular interest is an allocation for State Street at Stadium Boulevard

72 B01 81-01-06 ANN ARBOR CITY OF University STADIUM BLVD S STATE STREET $766,000

DATE: December 18, 2006 TO: Kirk T. Steudle Director

FROM: John S. Polasek Director, Bureau of Highway Development

SUBJECT: Local Bridge Program Report

As is required by section 247.660 of Act 51 of 1951, attached is a report of the Local Bridge Program. Information is provided relating to activities that occurred during fiscal year 2006 (October 1, 2005, through September 30, 2006). Required information includes a listing of the funding dedicated for emergency and large bridge repair, a listing of emergency and large bridge repair projects funded, the actual weights used for the ratios in subsection (7), the total money distributed to each region, and a listing of specific projects funded pursuant to subsection (8).

Source Organization MDOT
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Date Requested 2009-11-06
Date Received 2009-11-06
Date Uploaded 2009-11-06
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

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