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FOIA 6867 Vazquez 6867 Please provide c... 2021-12-14 City of Ann Arbor Vazquez
City Administrator Employment Contract This is the employment agreeme... 2020-02-23 The City Of Ann Arbor - Government Jack Eaton
Ann Arbor DDA parking wait lists as of October 2019 At the October 14, 2019 joint ... 2019-10-21 Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority Edward Vielmetti
FOIA 2063 - Petainen: Eaton emails Copies of all text messages, e... 2019-08-02 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti
February 7, 2018 FRA communications re train station EA The City of Ann Arbor has prop... 2018-04-25 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
March 23, 2018 receiver's report The McKinley company was appoi... 2018-04-17 Washtenaw Circuit Court Jack Eaton
police review resolution amendments This document includes amendme... 2018-02-05 Ann Arbor City Council Jack Eaton
Packard Square opinion affirming appointment of receiver On November 1, 2016, the Washt... 2018-01-25 Michigan Court of Appeals Jack Eaton
1209 Hutchins nuisance letter The Ann Arbor City Attorney's ... 2018-01-20 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
Deposit Required for Freedom of Information Act Request No. 18-010 A group of Ward 4 residents ap... 2018-01-16 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
Packard Square 11-16-17 State court action The document "20171116 court o... 2017-12-08 Washtenaw Circuit Court Jack Eaton
Analysis of the C1A/R, C2A/R, and C2B/R Zoning Districts This is a November 13, 1987 Ci... 2017-11-21 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
Packard Square bankruptcy opinions and order Packard Square LLC filed for b... 2017-10-13 federal bankruptcy court Jack Eaton
Packard Square Receiver's report This is an August 25, 2017 rep... 2017-09-10 Washtenaw County Circuit Court Jack Eaton
County Public Safety/Community Mental Health Millage Memo from City Administrator t... 2017-08-08 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
9-21-16 Core Spaces Parking Request Core Spaces' request to the An... 2017-02-26 Ann Arbor DDA Jack Eaton
Contract for broker to sell library lot On April 7, 2014, City Council... 2017-02-26 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
Redevelopment Ready Communities® Community Assessment Report A report from the Michigan Eco... 2015-04-03 MEDC Jack Eaton
Park Advisory Commission Resolution on the Downtown Parks Subcommittee recommendations City Council asked the Park Ad... 2014-02-27 City of Ann Arbor Jack Eaton
721 N Main Existing Facility Assessment Report From the report: "The overall ... 2014-01-12 City of Ann Arbor Edward Vielmetti

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