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Title Ann Arbor DDA parking wait lists as of October 2019

At the October 14, 2019 joint meeting of the Ann Arbor DDA and the Ann Arbor City Council, members of Ann Arbor City Council asked for the wait list for parking for downtown garages.

Subsequently, a FOIA request was filed for these records by Edward Vielmetti, which was fulfilled (redacted and in PDF format) on Friday, October 18. Subsequently, a request from CM Jack Eaton resulted in a release of these records in their original Excel format, with redactions.

Notable in this set of records is a number of organizations which have requested a large number of spaces, up to 100 spaces in each of 9 garages in one case. There are over 1000 individual separate requests for this parking.

Source Organization Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority
Request Tracking Number  
Date Requested 2019-10-14
Date Received 2019-10-21
Date Uploaded 2019-10-21
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

Download 2019 Reserved Permit Wait List FOIA 10-2019 - Copy for CM Eaton.xls

Download 2019 Standard Permit Wait LIst FOIA 10-2019 - Copy for CM Eaton.xls