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Title Huron River Spill July 19th 2010, Documents

Documents relating to the Huron River spill on July 19, 2010. Unsolved case of pollution in Huron River. Emails from DNR and HRWC to Petainen

Source Organization DNR and HRWC
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Date Uploaded 2011-04-05
Submitter Name Kai Petainen

Download Letter_about_2_spills.__HRWC_to_Petainen.txt

Download Correspondence_Between_DNR_and_Petainen.txt

Download OSEH_report_made_an_assumption_that_is_not_true_Letter_from_DNR_to_Petainen.txt

Download No_Obligations_for_UoM_--_Letter_from_DNR_to_Petainen.txt

Download Letter_from_HRWC_to_Petainen.txt

Download Letter_from_Emergency_Management_to_Petainen.txt