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Title Ann Arbor train station records, Askins FOIA 650

Dave Askins sent the following FOIA request for records related to the proposed new Ann Arbor train station. Initially these requests were denied under subsection (m); after an appeal, the request for these records was granted.

"I hereby request a copy of each of the seven records described in the communication of Aecom employee Peter Voorhees on January 5, 2016 to City staff member Eli Cooper and conveyed to Cooper at that time. With specificity, I request copies of the following documents:"

  1. pro-con matrix developed in December 2014 for the draft Phase II memo
  2. Section 4f & 6f considerations memo
  3. Ridership memo, with implications for station building sizing
  4. Parking access memo
  5. Michigan Central Depot considerations memo
  6. Traffic memo (developed for Build Alternative 2 Depot Street/Existing Amtrak
  7. Order of magnitude station building costs for options at Build Alternative 2: Depot Street/Existing Amtrak
Source Organization City of Ann Arbor
Request Tracking Number 650
Date Requested 2016-11-23
Date Received 2016-12-21
Date Uploaded 2016-12-21
Submitter Name Edward Vielmetti

Download Letter to Askins 161221.pdf

Download AAS--Draft_Parking_Access_memo_1-28-2015.pdf

Download AnnArborStation_Secs4f&6f_Memo_DRAFT_08-27-2014.pdf

Download Draft_Pro-Con_Matrix_12-2-2014.pdf

Download AAS--Draft_Michigan_Central_Station_memo_9-2-2014_Final.pdf

Download AAS_Cost_Estimate--Six_Trips_Elev Station_Legat_01-22-15.pdf

Download Ann Arbor Ridership 120814 Final.pdf

Download AAS_Seg4_DepotSt_Traffic_Memo_Draft_9-8-2014.pdf